The Forge meets every other Sunday evening at Richard and Alison Daniells home in the Spa and we welcome those  18+ who have left school and in their 20 and 30s.

This is a very vibrant group who wish to grow and be challenged and encouraged from God’s word and each other. It has been a pleasure for us as hosts to be amongst such a group who live out their Christian faith in many diverse circumstances.  Many of those who attend the Forge are faithfully serving in other ministries around the church and we are so encouraged to see many of them leading our studies/discussions during the year.

In September we began a study on “Holy Habits” (Spiritual Disciplines) and looked at habits such as

  • Silence and solitude
  • Prayer
  • Meditation and Bible Study
  • Fasting
  • Confession

We used some sermons from David Dunlop (Windsor Baptist) as a springboard for our discussions.

Since January, we have been studying through the book of Joshua.  We have been finding much application to our lives from these studies and are enjoying delving into the book in more detail following the Sunday morning sermons on this series.