Pastoral Care


Pastoral Care

As members of the body of Christ on earth, we are all called to ‘love one another’ and to ‘carry one another’s burdens’ and we seek to fulfill this calling in Ballynahinch Baptist Church. The early church set a high standard of both practical and spiritual commitment to its members and our desire is to aim towards that high standard.

Pastoral care at BBC operates at various levels. A number of housegroups meet twice a month and usually the housegroup leader or another designated member of the group provides pastoral care for those who attend the housegroup.

A further level of care is the responsibility of the Pastoral Care Team. Each member of the team has been assigned a list of church members and regular attendees with whom they maintain contact and for whom they pray regularly. Contact may take the form of phone calls or texts, visits or letters or meeting for coffee. Where necessary referrals may be made by the pastoral care team to the pastor or elders or to outside agencies.

Yet another level of care is crisis care – the pastor and elders are more than happy to assist anyone who is in need of help at times of personal crisis and may be contacted through the church office.

A prayer chain is also run by one of the church members, providing instant prayer support in difficult situations and prayer ministry is available after both Sunday services.