DESTA Project is a development project working in Degan – northern Ethiopia – to reduce poverty and the causes of poverty. Degan is the town in which Andrew Cunningham grew up and he set up DESTA Project, with his brother Sam, in order to help with the development needs of the community with whom he spent his childhood. DESTA means ‘happiness’ in Amharic, the main language of Ethiopia. DESTA is used as an acronym to convey the objectives and values of the project: D – Development (rather than aid) E – Empowerment (of the people) S – Sustainability (using sustainable poverty reductions initiatives) T – Teamwork (fostering a team based approach) A – Accountability (in all activities) All DESTA Project initiatives are based on agreement with the local community leaders and people regarding their needs. This is done through extensive discussions. So far activities have focused on long-term poverty reduction through projects which improve the Education and Health facilities in the town. All projects incorporate a meaningful amount of community participation and resources through labour and raw materials in order to maintain community ownership and employment opportunities in the town. For more information please contact Andrew Cunningham on 07882 677544