Generally, women are very good at letting Jesus know they love Him and appreciate His day to day involvement in their lives.  Sadly, men are often woeful at this! At Watchmen we do our best to put in place challenging and interesting topics that deliberately push us out of our often lackadaisical approach to Faith in Jesus.  We believe Jesus deserves that.  While we don’t like to hear it, it’s up to each of us to take responsibility in asking ourselves why we should get involved.

Watchmen is what you make of it, but here’s a few questions to ask yourself in trying to sort it out in your own mind:

  • Why am I a Christian in the first place, or why am I interested in Christianity?
  • Is Faith in this man Jesus who died for me really that important?
  • If I say Jesus is important to me, must my life style & choices actually reflect that?
  • Does it really matter if I don’t bother to stretch my faith by meeting with other men?
  • Is it Okay to just sit back and let others do it all when it comes to Jesus?
  • Won’t Jesus appreciate my reasons for not getting overly bothered about Him?
  • Why should I get interested, or involved, after all, surely I won’t be missed?